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The Pedagogical Structure

The nursery is a genuine educational service, not just a place of custody. The early years are critical for the physical, intellectual and Psychological development of the child.

Therefore, Koala Nursery provides awareness workshops for children to develop their curiosity.

Our team is made up of highly qualified educators who have the qualities necessary for implementing and carrying out this novel approach. 

At Koala Nursery we:

  • Expose young children to situations that develop their observation skills, their curiosity, their attention span, and their imagination while maintaining a balance between languages (French, English) sports and artistic activities.
  • Help children discover and encourage them to respect the rules that organize living and working together.
  • Encourage communication skills and autonomy.
  • Develop the gross-motor skills and fine-motor skills that prepare for handwriting.
  • Allow for discovery of contemporaray art.
  • Help children discover the world.
  • Provide artistic and sports activities in French and English.
  • Expose children to literature in English and French.
  • Introduce theater as a mode of self-expression.